Monday, June 6, 2016

Hey All!

Camp has officially begun and we are having an amazing time! Today, the units did a variety of activities such as; arts and crafts, sports and games, horseback riding, archery, and many others. Below are a few snap shots of each unit during some of their activities!

The staff is so excited to finally have campers here, filling the forest with lots of laughter and singing. Even though camp has just begun, we have already accomplished so much! It’s been a long day of fun in the sun and now we are headed to dinner. Later tonight we are hosting an alien hunt for the girls, check back tomorrow for pictures of the event!


Frontier unleashed their inner Katniss today at archery!

Frontier patiently waiting to have another go at archery

Creekside even had a chance to fly their homemade kites on the field today, it was just windy enough to take them to the sky!

Creekside made their own kites to fly in arts and crafts today!

Frontier making "Galaxies in a Jar" with arts and crafts instructor, Wren. Today they learned a bit more about space, and created their own piece of space to take with them through this fun and simple craft.

Giggles helped Frontier learn how to shoot archery today!

Here Greenwood prepares for their first ride. Cinnamon was ready to rock and roll with her rider.

While the others were riding, half of Greenwood learned a bit more about horses with riding instructor, Fox!

Greenwood had their first riding lesson of the week today. They're off to a good start!

Some lucky riders in Greenwood had the chance to ride in our BRAND NEW covered arena today.

Hilltop explored our new labyrinth today, which was built this year by a council troop! This activity is a great way for the girls to relax after a crazy day of wild activities and reflect on their camp experiences.

Pinetree had a great time playing Flipper Ball today, which is a softball with a camp twist!

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