Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week 9 Greenwood

This week Greenwood had cowgirl up, hold the reins and ponytails.

Here are some photos from Thursday's riding lessons

Hold the reins

Hold the reins about to learn a barrel pattern

Cowgirl up!

Ponytails learning to groom

Ring games in the arena

Don't drop the ring!
Tonight is banquet and closing campfire.
Tomorrow is last day of the season!
Happy Camping!

Week 9 playing with science

Part of STEM is science at camp!

This week girls went on a solar scavenger hunt and got to look through a solar lens to look directly at the sun

Creekside waiting for a turn

Solar lenses allow us to look directly at the sun safely


Solar lense

Science scavenger hunt outdoors

Girls searched for solar facts outdoors

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Week 9!

Week 9?! What?!
Yeah! Maripai is over here having a week 9!

We have summer action over here having a blast with their troops along with a unit of horse camp.
Here's some funny photos from this week




Frontier (part one)

Frontier (part two)

Tonight we are watching a movie and sleeping under the stars!