Thursday, June 24, 2010

Week 3

Week three is in full swing and the kids are so excited. We have campers that are leaving on Friday and campers that are staying a whole extra week!

Earlier in the week we had an all-camp "Dutch Auction". It went well, with the girls bringing all their interesting things to the lodge to score points for their unit. Last night in main camp cookout was filled with burritos and hotdogs, the girls did great cooking. We watched Toy Story 2 on the field under the stars, after dinner was eaten and the kids were ready for bed. Some slept out on the field while others hiked out to our Primitive area to spend the night in the woods. Our hiker Chic group enjoyed a hike out of camp to Wolf Creek Campground and spent the night in a tent before heading back to camp. Archery has been going well with lots of campers hitting the middle, Otter is excited for them all. Dimples has been leading the girls in many games of kickball and Bandana has been hard at work with the girls in our garden. All the staff and campers enjoyed our CIT/WIT Hunt for all camp, (its like a giant game of hide and seek) they had to answer questions about the past to get clues to the next CIT/WIT. The barn has been keeping busy with trail rides and many lessons. We are looking forward to closing campfire tonight where the campers will be showing off in skits.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Avast Thar Ye Landlubbers, it be Pirate Week!

Sitting in the office tonight, catching up on boring office-y things I can hear the delighted shrieks of campers competing in a camp wide "Pirate Booty Hunt". Through the darkness they search the field and woods for treasure, and stealthily they must secure their plunder without notice by the most fierce counselor pirates who would take it for their own.

Energy levels are high with the wonderfully temperate weather we've been having and everyone is in good spirits having been set free after our Pirate Prisoner Dinner - everyone attempting to eat with hands shackeled together by bandanas. It was a roaring good time.

At "My Choice" today campers picked from a variety of activities. I joined with several other staff to teach some line dances for our Pirate Bash tomorrow night and while we cleared the room attempting an old school twist, they flooded in for Miley Cyrus's "Hoedown Throwdown" and the "Cupid Shuffle".

So far this week is off to a great start. Besides all the fun activities, we had a very special guest appearance at our campfire last night as 3 deer chose that moment to casually stroll past, catching everyone's attention. It was a magical moment as the girls watched the deer with wide-eyed wonder. And did I mention we had a real fire? No burn ban yet thanks to a wet spring!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Week 1 - 100 Happy Campers

It's cookout tonight. While the girls are busy in their units learning how to cook over a fire and prepare a delicious meal under the watchful eye of camp counselors, I thought I'd take a quick moment to share the fun we've been having.

Yesterday we welcomed in 100 campers for our first summer session of 2010. Some girls were a little sad to see their family wave goodbye for a few days, some were a little shy as they met their cabin mates, and a few felt the little pang of homesickness on their first night away from home. But today I have seen 100 smiles. I have heard the laughter of 100 girls being silly in the way that only a group of girls at camp can be silly. I have seen new friendships being forged and I have recieved warm hugs. I have heard the twang of an arrow being released from a bow and the cheer of Greenwood campers as they celebrated each others success at archery. I danced with the girls in Hilltop, sang with the girls in Pinetree, and delighted in the wonders of bubbles with Creekside. And just a little while ago I watched as Frontier campers excitedly prepared to ride horses, some for their first time ever. I've shared wonderful conversations about families, pets, school, and favorite camp activities over delicious meals.

And so I can officially report that we seem to have 100 happy campers!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Almost There!

Alright! The weather has been warm and sunny the past few days, perfect for getting into the camp spirit. The staff are all up here, getting ready for an awesome summer with new games and new songs. Just two days until campers arrive and we can't wait!

The past few days have been getting busy getting ready for camp. The open house was a blast and just got us even more fired up for camp starting. We'v also turned the music up for a dance party, and passed out crazy props for a very entertaining skit night. Tomorrow we're going to be going around and getting a chance to try out archery, nature, sports, and arts and crafts. Then all we have to do is wait for campers to come!

It's been an exciting week, but we can't wait for camp. We look forward to seeing everyone this summer!