Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Peanut and Kazoo teaching the girls how to safely enter their canoes!

Safety is always our first focus! Time to get fitted for life jackets!

Loading canoes!

Peanut and Finch out on the water to help the girls!

Out on the water!

Getting ready to go!

Teamwork is an essential at camp!

Hey everyone! Camp is absolutely amazing so far this week and we are having a blast! Here are some photos I have collected from the staff!
Superhero week has let us all let out our inner Girl Scouts a little more, because Girl Scouts are every day superheros who make the world a better place!
We have a lot of horse focused programs this week and everyone seems to be loving barn so far as they have learned more about horses and riding!
We had a beautiful rain storm yesterday and even though we had to move our programming around a bit, we still had a fun and safe experience.

Unit Leader, Apple Jack, love sharing her fun camp spirit with everyone!

Every super hero needs a custom cape and mask!

A little bit of rain doesn't mean the fun is over at camp. Sometimes, hanging out in the ramada is all you need for a great time!

Super girl scouts united at Camp Maripai!

Pinetree Ponytails learning about how to groom a horse!

Today our CIT 3, Toast, celebrated her 17th birthday in style with all of Frontier!

The first lesson is always a great one!

Paint a Pony is so much fun with grey horses! The horses love all the extra attention they get!

Our Wranglers in Training are a huge help at the barn!

Cookout can be great fun, but also a bit chilly! Good thing our awesome counselors take care of anyone who needs a jacket!

Apple Jack tells the best stories, I'm bummed I missed out on this great story time during the rain!

It's a bird, its a plane......It's Captain MARIPAI!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hey all!
Here are some pictures from the past week! I've collected as many as I can from the staff around camp! We have a lot of great photos capturing the fun of the last week. Now it is time to start with a new group of girls. I hope you all are having a wonderful evening and I'll post more as the week goes on!

Trailblazers in the bareback lesson!

Fun with Athena!

Bareback with Misty.

Annie is so much fun to ride, especially bareback!

This lesson must have been a blast!

Don't tell the other horses, but Savannah is my favorite!

Summer and Sassy, at it again!

Creekside campers at their finest!

Hilltop played glow-stick tag on their last night!

Half day trail ride!

Trail rides are a great way to use new skills and are so much fun!

Hilltop unit campfire!

Fun in Hilltop!

Who says staff can't have fun?

Goodbyes on the last day!

Lego and her family helped some girls replant trees in Prim!

Trailblazers line dancing before their show.

It's showtime!

More bareback lessons.

Paint a Pony this weekend!

Hilltop painted our unit trash cans for a service project and now even our trash is stylish!

But wait, THERE"S MORE bareback lessons!

The Trailblazers in action!

We will be replanting trees throughout the summer to help Prim come back to life! So thankful for the girls, volunteers, and staff who are making this camp a better place!