Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Week 4!

Wild West week is going very well!
We started Monday off with a Gold Rush where campers searched the camp for gold by flashlight and tried to hide from bandits lurking within the camp. Creekside ended up winning with finding the most gold.

Today we had a water fight to cool down.

Tonights all camp is the Trailblazers performance. Yee haw!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

weekend fun

Sunday was a day of reflection and friendship with our two week units as everyone participated in this years scouts own ceremony. 
hilltop in field games on Saturday

Everyone at Prim

Creekside sharing what friendship means to them

girls drew pictures and shared quotes, songs and poems

Girls wrote what friendship means to them on Popsicle sticks

girls volunteering what friendship means to them

weave weave weave us together

un weaving the circle

CWIT's and Hilltop leaving scouts own

Friday, June 21, 2013

Weekend fun!

This weekend we have the two weekers hanging out with us!
Our all camp for Friday night was a Dutch auction!
What is that?!
Campers were asked to bring as many random things to the lodge as long as all the belongings fit into a pillow case or a backpack.
Then the auctioneer called for things such as a blue flashlight for 3 points, pine cone for 4 points, polka dot socks for 2 points and so on. 

Our lovely judges, our CIT/WIT2's and AD staff

The competitors 

Hilltop team

Greenwood has an item!

one point per chapstick, Greenwood has it!
Creekside team

knee high socks from Creekside- check

And the winners of the auction? Greenwood!

What's in store for the rest of the weekend?
We are having an around the world all camp on Saturday where all the units will get the chance to taste foods from around  the world, play international games, and create their own instruments!
Trailblazers will also be participating in their half day trail rides.
The adventures continue!

more of week 3!

Week three is coming to an end

Outdoor explorer went on a half day hike and saw the wonders of our camp. 

Outdoor explorer doing the human knot

Stopping to hug the cool water tower on their long hike

We slept under the stars, danced like there was tomorrow and made new friends.
We saw goodbye to our one week units today but our three horse units will be hanging out with us on the weekend and continue on to next week!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

week 3

Around the world week is going great!

This week is one of two weeks for three horse programs. We have hiker chic going on adventures, midnight madness laughing into the night along, run, shoot, ride becoming expert archers along with outdoor explorer learning about the world around them.

Yesterday hiker chic hiked out of camp and learned outdoor cooking and how to set up tents!
hiker chic learned to put up tents
Girls made their own pizza's for dinner and eggs for breakfast

The views were beautiful and the girls were great troopers

Free choice went on today and tonight we will all be sleeping under the stars!
Happy camping!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 3!

Here are some funny photos of our campers this week!





The week is going great and there is more to come! Tonight the whole camp will be dancing like we're from outer space!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More of week two!

The weather is beautiful, smiles are abundant and adventures are being had!
Over at Maripai we are incorporating the  STEM program which stands for science technology engineering and math.
Splash camp this week is learning all about water while earning the WOW journey!
Here's the link for more information on STEM:
Splash camp learning all about water!
Splash camp made boats!
Creekside playing some team bonding games
Funny Frontier
Silly Greenwood

Goofy Pinetree
Wacky hilltop
Crazy Creekside
no explanations...CIT/WIT2

Tuesday our all camp was a martian hunt! Units split into two and searched the camp for martians (CIT/WIT2's). The victors was a tie between Pinetree and Frontier.

Happy camping!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Week two!

Martians, stars and spaceships, oh my! Out of this world week is here!
Butterball got caught off guard

Pinetree waterfight group!

 Today pinetree started this warm day by cooling off with a water fight.
Dirt protects herself with the hose
                                                                                         Free choice included making Martian hats along with relay races, space stories and hike outs.
Sketch and fellow aliens!

CIT/WIT 2 arrived this week and will be hanging out for the next three weeks! They did tye dye today along with making planets for banquet later this week. 

Our all camp for the night was outer space dance party!

conga line!

Martians have landed!

hands on your knees, hands on your knees

Everybody cha cha!
 Tomorrow is another day, happy camping!