Friday, March 11, 2011

Summer Camp 2011 is almost here!!! I'm sooo excited!

We have tons of NEW programs this summer and some old favorites are back from the past.
I can't wait to see all the returning campers and meet lots of new faces.

Haven't registered yet? No problem!
There are still plenty of sessions available, like these...

Week 1 -

  • Hold the Reins
New to camp? Want to learn about horses? This session is perfect for the older Girl Scout who wants to experience all that camp has to offer. You’ll enjoy two riding lessons learning about horse care and basic riding skills. You’ll also sample other camp activities like crafts, archery, and cookout. Work on Maripai’s Horse Patch Program.
  • Camping Bits & Pieces

This session is perfect for your first overnight camp experience away from home. Enjoy a sample of activities including crafts, hiking, archery, nature, cookout, one horseback riding lesson, and working on the Camp Together Badge.

Weeks 2 & 4-

  • Splash Camp

We don’t have a lake and there isn’t a pool, but you’re sure to get wet and you’re sure to stay cool! Have a water fight in the field, go on a creek walk, snack on some watermelon, make a rainbow, and work on a special project to help teach other campers about saving water! You’ll also participate in one horseback riding lesson. Work on the “WOW” Journey.

Weeks 2 & 7

  • Smore's & More

Learn to cook in new and fun ways! Sample a variety of outdoor cooking methods including buddy burners, backpacking stoves, and solar ovens, earn the Outdoor Cook Badge! You’ll also participate in archery, crafts, games, nature, sleep out under the stars one night, and visit the barn for one horseback riding lesson.

Weeks 3& 4 -

  • Hiker Chick

Looking for adventure? Maripai has plenty to go around! Learn hiking safety and then hit the trails in and out of camp. Hike out of camp several miles for an overnight at Wolf Creek campground - your camping gear will meet you there! Learn how to use a GPS, practice your outdoor cooking, and try letterboxing. Back in camp, you’ll also have time for archery, arts & crafts, and one horseback riding lesson! Work on the Backpacking Interest Project.

  • Trail Blazers

Want to spend more time on the trail? Brush up on your riding skills, practice your balance with bareback riding, explore the trails around camp, head out for a half day trail ride, and create a performance on horseback for the entire camp! Riders must be able to lead, groom, saddle, mount, dismount, and control a horse at a walk and trot with a balanced seat. You’ll spend more than 13 hours on horseback, weather permitting, plus take part in games and activities on the ground that will help you care for and build relationships with horses.

  • Junior Jive

It’s time to energize with the “Get Moving” Journey! Make cool crafts out of recycled items, discover how animals at camp use energy, interview an energy expert, pack an energizing lunch for a half-day hike out of camp, plan a dance party to get the entire camp moving, and more! You’ll also take part in one riding lesson and one trail ride and participate in several archery sessions!

And So Much More!!! For full listings visit the GS website

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