Tuesday, July 9, 2013

week 5 to the zoo!

Prescott Playground is here exploring the fun things that the city of Prescott keeps.

Today we went to the Heritage Zoo!
Leopard Gecko stores food in his tail!

baby bear!

Here is a comical moment of the baby bear about to steal a hat

Cassie the Tiger playing in her pool

porcupine eating an apple

Walking around the zoo was much fun

The girls got to see lions, tigers, and bears, oh my.
Prescott Playground learned that a tortoise can live for 100 years and a lot of snakes aren't poisonous. We cooled off in Rattlesnake Jakes water playground and finished the trip with a picnic at the zoo.
We had a full day as they went horseback riding after the trip.
Tomorrow is a new adventure!

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