Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week 8

Week eight of the wild kingdom of Maripai is going great!
Girls have been canoeing, shooting archery and exploring all camp has to offer. 
We started the week with an opening campfire where the counselors performed skits and songs for the girls. 
Monday night the counselors competed in a "rock fight" and performed songs for the revered Maripai trophy.
Last night the girls performed songs that they choreographed and costumed themselves for all of camp to see. 
We woke up to beautiful weather today and hopefully the cool weather will hold out. Tonight the girls will cook their dinner over a fire and then watch a movie at our all camp!

performing at the all camp

Hillttops brownies performing

The rock fight!

Hilltop canoeing at Goldwater

Greenwood won the counselors performance

Happy Camping!

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