Monday, June 14, 2010

Avast Thar Ye Landlubbers, it be Pirate Week!

Sitting in the office tonight, catching up on boring office-y things I can hear the delighted shrieks of campers competing in a camp wide "Pirate Booty Hunt". Through the darkness they search the field and woods for treasure, and stealthily they must secure their plunder without notice by the most fierce counselor pirates who would take it for their own.

Energy levels are high with the wonderfully temperate weather we've been having and everyone is in good spirits having been set free after our Pirate Prisoner Dinner - everyone attempting to eat with hands shackeled together by bandanas. It was a roaring good time.

At "My Choice" today campers picked from a variety of activities. I joined with several other staff to teach some line dances for our Pirate Bash tomorrow night and while we cleared the room attempting an old school twist, they flooded in for Miley Cyrus's "Hoedown Throwdown" and the "Cupid Shuffle".

So far this week is off to a great start. Besides all the fun activities, we had a very special guest appearance at our campfire last night as 3 deer chose that moment to casually stroll past, catching everyone's attention. It was a magical moment as the girls watched the deer with wide-eyed wonder. And did I mention we had a real fire? No burn ban yet thanks to a wet spring!

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