Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Week 1 - 100 Happy Campers

It's cookout tonight. While the girls are busy in their units learning how to cook over a fire and prepare a delicious meal under the watchful eye of camp counselors, I thought I'd take a quick moment to share the fun we've been having.

Yesterday we welcomed in 100 campers for our first summer session of 2010. Some girls were a little sad to see their family wave goodbye for a few days, some were a little shy as they met their cabin mates, and a few felt the little pang of homesickness on their first night away from home. But today I have seen 100 smiles. I have heard the laughter of 100 girls being silly in the way that only a group of girls at camp can be silly. I have seen new friendships being forged and I have recieved warm hugs. I have heard the twang of an arrow being released from a bow and the cheer of Greenwood campers as they celebrated each others success at archery. I danced with the girls in Hilltop, sang with the girls in Pinetree, and delighted in the wonders of bubbles with Creekside. And just a little while ago I watched as Frontier campers excitedly prepared to ride horses, some for their first time ever. I've shared wonderful conversations about families, pets, school, and favorite camp activities over delicious meals.

And so I can officially report that we seem to have 100 happy campers!


  1. Hurray! Can't wait to hear the stories of my little first-timer!!!

  2. Just sent mine off today, but she isn't a first timer. She was excited and nervous. It has been a couple years.