Friday, June 21, 2013

Weekend fun!

This weekend we have the two weekers hanging out with us!
Our all camp for Friday night was a Dutch auction!
What is that?!
Campers were asked to bring as many random things to the lodge as long as all the belongings fit into a pillow case or a backpack.
Then the auctioneer called for things such as a blue flashlight for 3 points, pine cone for 4 points, polka dot socks for 2 points and so on. 

Our lovely judges, our CIT/WIT2's and AD staff

The competitors 

Hilltop team

Greenwood has an item!

one point per chapstick, Greenwood has it!
Creekside team

knee high socks from Creekside- check

And the winners of the auction? Greenwood!

What's in store for the rest of the weekend?
We are having an around the world all camp on Saturday where all the units will get the chance to taste foods from around  the world, play international games, and create their own instruments!
Trailblazers will also be participating in their half day trail rides.
The adventures continue!

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