Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More of week two!

The weather is beautiful, smiles are abundant and adventures are being had!
Over at Maripai we are incorporating the  STEM program which stands for science technology engineering and math.
Splash camp this week is learning all about water while earning the WOW journey!
Here's the link for more information on STEM:
Splash camp learning all about water!
Splash camp made boats!
Creekside playing some team bonding games
Funny Frontier
Silly Greenwood

Goofy Pinetree
Wacky hilltop
Crazy Creekside
no explanations...CIT/WIT2

Tuesday our all camp was a martian hunt! Units split into two and searched the camp for martians (CIT/WIT2's). The victors was a tie between Pinetree and Frontier.

Happy camping!

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  1. 20 + years ago I had the pleasure of spending many summers at Camp Maripai. So many wonderful memories made there.