Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nature & Garden with Poco

In the garden we are doing great! The girls are having so much fun and the plants are starting to grow from all the love they are getting. We are growing things that we can eat and that will help out in the kitchen including vegetables and herbs, we are also growing some some flowers. The girls love taking care of the plants and helping them grow. When girls come to the garden they first learn how to be in a garden without hurting themselves or the plants growing there. Then they help either with planting things or watering what we have already planted. Soon the garden will be big and wonderful and we will be able to start using what we are growing! The girls are also learning about hiking and different things in nature. We also go on nature walks and play around looking at the creek and all the different life that is in our camp.

Poco, Nature & Garden Instructor

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