Thursday, June 11, 2009

Week One!

Our first week of camp is off to a great start. The staff are thrilled to finally have campers after about a week and a half of training. Everything is going smoothly, better than we had even hoped for! Dinner on our first night was efficient, taking only about 40 minutes (it usually takes an entire hour!) Everyone was full of spaghetti, happy, and ready for a campfire... minus the fire.

Yesterday, after having a tasty oatmeal cookie snack, we had my choice, where the girls were able to choose to participate in activities including face painting, a creek walk, games on the field, or a dance party in our lodge. During this time Creekside was scheduled at the barn, steering their noble steeds around the riding arenas.

Last night all of the units slept out on our field under the stars. The night was clear and the stars were bright. The crickets sang the girls to sleep as a gentle breeze rustled through the trees. After waking up with the sun at 6am (and waking the counselors up at 6am) the girls all enjoyed a "jungle breakfast". We'll let them tell you all about it!

Yes all is well in our first week of camp. The girls are having fun, the counselors feel filled with purpose and responsibility, and hopefully there will be many exciting tales to tell when campers return home on Friday!


  1. Sounds GREAT! Wish I was there. I don't think my daughter has ever slept outside without a tent! I know they are all having a great time, but I will also be so happy to see my little girl tomorrow!

  2. Sounds like the girls are having a great time. I wish that I could be there enjoying it with her. I hope the staff is enjoying all the fun too. I cannot wait to see my little girl tomorrow, I miss her.

  3. I am sure they are having a blast. Can't wait to hear the stories

  4. Hey! Just wanted to thank you all for a great time!