Thursday, July 2, 2009

Monsoon & Week 4 Program

For the last couple of days we've had thunder and lightening but the skies have only spit at us. Last night we finally had the refreshing monsoon rains. It was exciting and this morning everything looks so green - perfect for "eco" (ecology) week!

Due to the weather some of our horseback riding sessions have been cancelled but despite thundering skies we've been doing a lot of fun activities. Here is Mufasa, our program director to tell you some of the fun things we've been up to this week:

The week has been going great! We kicked it off with a dance Monday night, always a ton of fun. Tuesday night we really got into our "eco" week with a trash hunt! It was definitely more fun than it sounds. Counselors hid with their "trash" - slips of paper with pictures of trash since we didn't want to litter our own camp - and girls had to find them! Definitely very fun and exciting.

Wednesday afternoon was an outdoor skills training. Girls learned first aid, safety in Arizona's hot climate, and learned proper fire getting into a water fight with their counselors. Everyone had a great time, there were lots of fun games and activities, and definitely lots of laughter. We've been having a fun, fantastic week at camp, and we can't wait for more!


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  1. My daughter will be coming up on Sunday. Should she bring things like costume or dress up things as it mentioned for some of the camps?

    We are in the midst of packing, thanks

    Jill Wendt