Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 6 - International

Hola! Shalom! G'day!

It's international week and we kicked it off on Sunday night with a campfire hosted by our 6 international staff. We have staff at Maripai from Malaysia, Israel, Slovenia, Australia, and Columbia. Our weather has had perfect timing so far this week. It rained just after check-in yesterday as the groups were settling into their cabins and then the sun peeked out between the dark clouds for the evening flag ceremony and an attempt to dry off the benches at our fire circle.

Today the skies are blue with the lovely white clouds that provide refreshing moments of shade. The girls have been enjoying their activities and I overheard one little camper at lunch saying that the food (wings, fries, salad, cottage cheese, and fruit salad) was the best ever! That's what we like to hear!

Our Iron Chefs have started preparing for their big challenge of making dinner for the camp on Thursday. They watched a food safety video this morning and were introducted to an industrial sized kitchen and our kitchen staff. They are brimming with excitement.

Well that's about it for now. I think its time for me to head out of this office and join some campers in some fun!


  1. What happened to Week 5?

  2. Week 5 was a short week and we were so busy having so much fun that we didn't get a chance to update our blog, we apologize to those of you who had campers with us during this time. Week 5 we had a number of exciting activities including a giant all-camp "dinosaur egg hunt". After the units had successfully recovered their treasures they carved them up and had a delicious snack. Many of the girls claimed these giant and delicious eggs resembled watermelon...