Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week 7

Howdy. Before we make a post about week 8 (our current week) we must take a moment to apologize for not updating during week 7. It was a fun week and we had our share of excitement.

We did have a few monsoon storms but they were not nearly as bad or frequent as they typically are this time of year. Luckily with the lack of rain we've been able to do most of our regularly scheduled program and so far we're still allowed to have campfires, although last week we had them in the lodge with a cozy fire in the rock fireplace.

We had a great group of CIT's and WIT's who had the fortunate opportunity to visit Shadow Rim Ranch and participate in the Oxford Leadership Youth Program. They also spent time at Maripai getting to know the behind the scenes pieces of camp and learning how to work with younger girls.

On Thursday afternoon our Iron Chefs were busy in the kitchen preparing a feast for our evening banquet. The meal was a huge success and the girls were glowing with pride from having prepared and served a meal to the entire camp!

We also enjoyed an all-camp dance party and a movie night. It was a great week!

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