Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Aloha from Week 6!

A Day in the Life of a Camp Counselor:

Each week we get a new bunch of girls and each has their own personality. Everyday waking up is the hardest because you want just five more minutes of sleep but you know that you need to help the girls get up and ready for the activities of the day. Plus you never want to miss breakfast! Flag is always a wonderful site to see. The girls get the chance to put the flag up and to take it down. Everyone gathers together for this ceremony. Next we head over to breakfast and the smell of food always brings people out of hiding around breakfast time. The Administrative Staff, or “Ad Staff”, come out to make sure everything is going as it should. The girls love seeing the Ad Staff and always ask about them. After breakfast it’s off to the Singing Logs where we start the beautiful singing. The girls always have their favorite songs. The Princess Pat, Coconut, and The Wizard are just a few of the songs that they always request. Then, let the activities begin! The girls will be with their units and go off and start different activities: Sports and Games, Arts and Crafts, Archery, Nature, Horseback Riding, and Me Time to name a few. These activities go on throughout the day. Pippa takes charge at arts and crafts and always has a creative idea, Bandana leads the girls into nature to learn all sorts of things, Dimples gets active and teaches the girls some cool games to play, at archery Nala helps girls steady their aim and hit the target, at the barn girls increase their confidence on a horse, and during Me Time girls get some time to themselves to relax, read, journal, and write letters home. Lunch and dinner get squeezed into it all, after a long day of activities the girls are ready for some food. My Choice is a big hit twice a week. At My Choice the girls buddy up and in pairs they decide what activities they want to do. At night, after dinner the girls get to participate with the whole camp in one activity – or an “All Camp”. So far this week we’ve had a Campfire program (minus the fire), Counselor Hunt, and a Luau themed Dance Party. After a long day, it is time to reflect and talk about it all and then head to bed. The girls are as exhausted as the counselors and when the head hits the pillow everyone is out...then the door knocks. A girl needs help with her sleeping bag, or she is homesick, or there is a bug in her cabin, or perhaps they are afraid of the dark. The counselors smile and help the girls. We get them tucked into bed and then the counselors head in that direction. In what seems like a few minutes later, the alarm goes off and the whole day starts once more. The day is new and a new adventure awaits over every hill in the wonderful world of Camp Maripai.

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  1. Sounds like my girl had a blast this week!! Received a VERY HAPPY bunk note from her!! Missed her a ton so headed up to pick her up soon, can't wait to hear all those GS stories, similiar to the ones I had growing up! Thanks for giving her a great week Camp Maripai!!