Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week 8 - YEE HAW

Western is what we do best at Camp Maripai and since that's our theme this week we are kicking up our boots, letting down our hair and having a hootin' hollerin' good time.

We kicked things off on Sunday with a campfire (real fire included). Monday as the sun sank behind the mountains the campers prepared for a Gold Rush. With the Riding Instructors transformed into Bandits out stealing gold and Sherriffs trying to set things right in Maripaitown and the campers racing to get rich. Tuesday night we had a hoedown, dancing the night away. And last night after a cookout we watched Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron in our lodge.

The weather has been highly cooperative. We've had some menacing thunder, but so far only a light rain and the only cancelled ativity has been sleeping out under the stars.

Thanks to our end of summer effort to clean out the kitchen we've also had abundant meals with a wide variety of delicious offerings. There was a small mishap with some spicy spaghetti (we still can't figure out why it was so spicy) but it was quickly resolved with non-spicy tamales and sandwiches to replace the main course. Some campers gobbled up the spicy spaghetti and came back for seconds but with the milder options, no camper should have left hungry.

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