Thursday, July 8, 2010

Week 5

Overcast skies and cooler temperatures have been filling us with energy this week. With just a couple refreshing sprinkles the weather hasn't effected program, except to make activities a little more enjoyable without battling the heat and sun.

At my choice we made wands, played games, learned basic foreign words, and played dress up. Down at the riding arenas, some campers have overcome fears they had, being hesitant at first and then not wanting to get off the horse by the end!

With so many young campers (everyone here right now is 2-5th grade) we've been surprised at the lack of homesickness. Sure, the campers miss home and a few have been a little sad at bedtime but they perk right up in the day and are courageously becoming just a little more independent.

Last night we had our cookout, the girls in each unit working together to prepare their dinner. After that the entire camp laid tarps out on our field, under the stars, and we watched Shrek 3, where the princesses take matters into their own hands to help save the day.

It's been a great week and it's not even over. In just a little while we'll all gather together at the all-camp fire circle for a little last night camraderie around our "flashlight fire".

Thanks for sharing your wonderful girls with us!!


  1. Thanks for the post, you made one worried mom's night!

  2. So glad to hear things have gone well. I have been thinking a lot about my 2 little campers...even worrying, but then I remember how great Camp Marapai was for me when I was their age. I know they're in good hands, but it sure is nice to hear it. Thanks for the post.