Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hey all!

I hope you are all having a great week, I know we certainly are here at Maripai. Yesterday was packed with hikes, science scavenger hunts, canoeing, trading post visits, and so much more.

I'm working on getting pictures from our alien hunt uploaded, but until then here are some great photos of the girls from yesterday's adventures!


Creekside posing after their hair braiding party!

Creekside and Hilltop paired up for an awesome water fight on the field!

The girls in Frontier took it upon themselves to style Doodle's hair. They certainly used their resources wisely!

Frontier paused their hair braiding party so I could take a photo, hopefully next time I can go and get my hair done too!

Ground lessons are just as important as riding. It's always great to learn more about horses!

Maverick, the horse (named after our riding director), is new to camp this year, but certainly knows her way around the arena.

Maverick, the riding director, helped the girls on Greenwood in their second lesson.

Hilltop played "create a game, play a game". They split into groups and created their own games on the field. Then they had the chance to teach the rest of the unit how to play!

More fun on the field.

Pinetree relaxing after a long day of riding and fun.

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