Friday, June 24, 2016

Hey all, this week has been nothing but fun up here in the mountains! We can't believe the two week programs are already coming to a close. Here are some pictures from earlier this week. My goal is to collect pictures from the staff this weekend and upload some more of each unit from the past week! Sorry for the delay in posting this week, I have been whirling around the camp at a million miles an hour and haven't had any time to sit down at my computer and add photos. A catch up collection of photos is on its way this weekend for sure!

Trailblazers before their half day trail ride!

On the trail for a half day of fun!

Hoofbeats on the trail.

Hoofbeats in the arena.

In camp trail rides.

Hoofbeats learning how to saddle with Fox!

Trotting can be fun!

The new arena is so much fun!


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