Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hey everyone! Camp is absolutely amazing so far this week and we are having a blast! Here are some photos I have collected from the staff!
Superhero week has let us all let out our inner Girl Scouts a little more, because Girl Scouts are every day superheros who make the world a better place!
We have a lot of horse focused programs this week and everyone seems to be loving barn so far as they have learned more about horses and riding!
We had a beautiful rain storm yesterday and even though we had to move our programming around a bit, we still had a fun and safe experience.

Unit Leader, Apple Jack, love sharing her fun camp spirit with everyone!

Every super hero needs a custom cape and mask!

A little bit of rain doesn't mean the fun is over at camp. Sometimes, hanging out in the ramada is all you need for a great time!

Super girl scouts united at Camp Maripai!

Pinetree Ponytails learning about how to groom a horse!

Today our CIT 3, Toast, celebrated her 17th birthday in style with all of Frontier!

The first lesson is always a great one!

Paint a Pony is so much fun with grey horses! The horses love all the extra attention they get!

Our Wranglers in Training are a huge help at the barn!

Cookout can be great fun, but also a bit chilly! Good thing our awesome counselors take care of anyone who needs a jacket!

Apple Jack tells the best stories, I'm bummed I missed out on this great story time during the rain!

It's a bird, its a plane......It's Captain MARIPAI!

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