Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hey all! I hope you are having a great day so far! Our day at Camp Maripai has been absolutely amazing so far! The girls have been involved in horse back riding, arts and crafts, science, nature, sports and games, and more! 

Here are some photo highlights provided by our staff! 

I will collect more photos as the afternoon continues and update again tonight!


Sassy is a great horse to learn with!

Barn is always a great way to start the day!

Barn director, Maverick, teaching in the lower arena!

All lined up and ready to learn how to ride!

Riding Director, Honeybear, passing along her wealth of knowledge.

Riding is great fun!

Getting ready to ride with Maverick!

Step one: Find an awesome horse to ride!

Raccoon helping girls get on and ready for the lesson.

Waiting patiently for all the fun to begin!

Ground lessons are just as important as riding lessons.

Grounds are both fun and educational. 

Getting ready to ride!

Hilltop hanging out on the field. 

Frontier getting ready for a fun day!

Look! We found melon growing in our compost this morning at nature.

Sports and games with Water!

Rio leading her girls to Trading Post after breakfast!

Creekside getting ready to shop til the drop at the Trading Post.

More fun on the field. 

Hanging out and taking a well deserved break from the sun.

Counselor In Training, Fizzy, having fun with nature!

Frontier heading out for an adventure.

The gaga pit is getting good use this summer.

Greenwood getting ready to head to nature. 

Greenwood on an awesome creekwalk!

Creekwalk with Greenwood!

A great game of Gaga Ball is under way!

Headed to nature with Greenwood.

Lego getting ready to teach the girls a bit more about the great outdoors.

Greenwood with Cosmo at science!

Science is a great way to cool of and have fun!

Water breaks are a key part of the camp day!

Exploring nature.

Pinetree at barn this morning.

Pinetree at the labyrinth.

Getting ready for trading post.

Sports and games!

Checking out all the great merchandise at the Trading Post!

Starbucks hanging out at arts and crafts!

Learning how to make a dream catcher with Wren!

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