Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hey friends,
Here are a few photos from the past few days! I have been out of camp hiking with Adventure Seeker so all of their photos are here. This afternoon I will be collecting photos from the staff so I can have a more comprehensive post. As soon as I have collected them I will put them up, which will probably be this evening.
Thanks for your patience with my posts as this week has kept me out of the office most of the time.
I'll be posting soon!

Dress up and dance party!

Playing board games in the Lodge!

CIT's helping muck the arena! 

More fun with the CITs!

Dance party fun!

Adventure Seeker made it to the camp ground!

Applying sunscreen before we headed home. 

Climbing on some amazing rock structures this morning!

The counselor tent is the tiny one.....

A beautiful sunset!

Taking a break after a long hike!

Cooking dinner!

Enjoying a delicious meal!

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