Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hey everyone,

Here are pictures from the rest of the day! This week has been a BLAST at Camp Maripai! I'm sad to see it come to a close tomorrow, but I am sure you are all excited to see your campers come home!

Have a great evening and we will see you few posts long, because Facebook only lets me upload around 40 pictures at tomorrow for check-out!


Creekside at barn today!

Sassy is on the go!

Riding in the lower arena!

Taking advantage of the shade!

Posing on Lonestar!

Leading songs on the Trading Post pouch.

The CIT's helped relocate some trees to Prim to help regrowth after our fire!

Hard at work!

Having fun before breakfast!

Ready to start the day with a great meal.

Singing and hanging out. 

Today, Creekside brownies made their own EDIBLE canoes!They had a great time making them, and then enjoyed a delicious snack!

Sparkie and her girls!

CIT's before breakfast!

Girl Scouts is the best place to make new friends!

Packing up after sleep out! These counselors are ready for the day. 

Ready for day 3!

Ready for barn this morning.

On the lake!

Fun in the water. 

Getting set on the water.

A beautiful day on the lake!

Safety is important! Never forget a life jacket!

Canoe instructor, Peanut, headed out to help!

Time to bring the canoes in!

Peanut helping out!

This group was ready for a great time on the water!

Loading the canoes!

No matter where we are, hydration is key!

All smiles at the lake!

Canoeing is great fun for these new teams!

Singing before meals is a great way to get excited for the day!

Ready to tackle another action packed day!

Packing our things after sleep out.

Getting ready for the day ahead.

Water headed to breakfast with her kiddos!

Smiling faces, ready for another day of camp!

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